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14 May 2019 • BFTF 技术社区联盟

BFTF 区块链技术日报(2019-05-14)

  1. 刚刚启动的新测试网络,以太网2.0将使用它 A New Test Network Just Activated and Ethereum 2.0 Will Be Using It
  2. Ron Paul: Anti-Crypto Congressman Is ‘Just Another Thug in Washington’
  3. Casa发现,Tor使用户更容易启动比特币闪电节点 Tor Makes Launching Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Easier for Users, Casa Finds
  4. 什么是分布式DeFi?贷款协议分类框架 How Decentralized is DeFi? A Framework for Classifying Lending Protocols
  5. Why Blockchain is Not the Answer
  6. 区块链需要一个杀手级用例 Blockchain Needs a Killer Use Case
  7. 加密 a-crypto-thesis