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26 Mar 2019 • BFTF 技术社区联盟

BFTF 区块链技术日报(2019-03-26)

  1. Discreet Log Contracts (谨慎的日志约定)
  2. Bitcoin Is a Cult, Fiat Is a Religion (比特币是一种崇拜, 菲亚特是一种宗教)
  3. The growth of the Lightning Network has been remarkable. But there’s a catch(闪电网络的发展非常显着,但是有一个问题)
  4. 3 Ways to Turn Bitcoins Into Gift Cards(将比特币变成礼品卡的3种方法)
  5. Ethereum Woes (以太的困境)
  6. Scalable funding of Bitcoin micropayment channel networks(比特币微支付渠道网络的可扩展资金)