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05 Mar 2019 • BFTF 技术社区联盟

BFTF 区块链技术日报(2019-03-05)

  1. Bitcoins returned to Bitfinex by U.S. Government (美国政府归还比特币给Bitfinex)

  2. The five camps of crypto (五个加密阵营)

  3. Understanding IPFS in Depth(1/5): A Beginner to Advanced Guide (了解 ipfs 在 Depth(1/5): 初级到高级指南)

  4. What’s the Value of a Facebook Cryptocoin? (Facebook加密货币的价值是什么?)

  5. Here’s How the 2.09 Million EOS “Hack” Really Happened (以下是 209万 EOS “黑客” 的真实情况)

  6. Bitcoin Timestamp Security (比特币时间戳安全)

  7. FOAM

  8. Cryptonetwork Governance as Capital (密码网络作为资本的治理)