Blockchain Funds-Technology Federation

19 Feb 2019 • BFTF 技术社区联盟

BFTF 区块链技术日报(2019-02-19)

  1. Bitcoin Delta Capitalization (比特币三角洲资本化)
  2. A new Harry Potter–themed cryptocurrency is like a more private version of Bitcoin (哈利波特加密货币就像一个更私人版本的比特币)
  3. Bitcoin is a hedge against the cashless society (比特币是对无现金社会的一种对冲)
  4. 0% Success: Why Blockchain Apps Just Aren’t Taking Off (0% 成功: 为什么区块链应用程序只是没有起飞)
  5. Security Budget in the Long Run (长期安全预算)
  6. WBTC Is Now Live On Ethereum (WBTC落地以太坊)
  7. Rehypothecation: BTC’s path to becoming king of collateral (再抵押: BTC 成为抵押品之王的道路)
  8. An Elegant Relationship (DAI, ETH, MKR) (优雅的关系 (DAI, ETH, MKR))
  9. What happens when your bitcoin banker dies? (当你的比特币银行家死了会发生什么?)