Blockchain Funds-Technology Federation

08 Oct 2018 • BFTF技术社区联盟

  1. Cryptonetworks and the Theory of the Firm (加密网络与企业理论)

  2. Battle of the Privacycoins: What We Know About Grin and Beam’s Mimblewimble (隐私币之战: 我们所知道的关于 Grin 和 Mimblewimble)

  3. A Deep Look Into Cosmos — the Internet of Blockchains (深入探索 Cosmos)

  4. Blockchain Governance 101 (Blockchain 治理101)

  5. Create a smart contract on Zilliqa in 12 simple steps with the new Scilla IDE (使用新的 Scilla IDE 创建 Zilliqa 的智能合约)

  6. Scaling Bitcoin 东京区块链会议结束,有视频回放